Spring at Basil: jump on your bicycle!

Spring at Basil: jump on your bicycle!

Get your bike spring-ready with bicycle accessories from Basil

It's spring... and now you can enjoy it even more atop your bike saddle. The wind in your hair, the morning sun on your back! Birds singing their cheerful songs to you. The smell of flowers in bloom. It’s as if nature is giving you that extra push you need to grab your bike and get out and explore a little more often. So don’t hesitate any longer! Grab your bike from the shed and get it prepared for spring. Give an image overhaul, inflate the tyres and check those brakes. Above all else, make sure your bike is truly spring-ready with bicycle accessories from Basil. Whether you make your miles on a quiet day along empty roads, or you’re always cycling to the office or to pick up little ones from school… always enjoy yourself while cycling. We have suitable bicycle accessories for every moment. Choose Basil for the best pick of cycling accessories around.

b-safe Flash away on your way to work
Cycling into work? Why not! Your head clear, the serenity of zooming along, the freedom. And what’s more, no traffic jams. With the new B-Safe bicycle backpack you will always been seen, wherever you are. Equipped with LED lighting and anti-theft devices, it’s a must.

b-safe “Honey, I will be back soon!”
Take a break in the village or get set for a nice lunch in the city. Alternatively, pick out a colourful bouquet of flowers for a table display. Hop on your bike and venture out to the picking fields! Take your flowers with you in our Carry All Basket. Available in two variants, for fitting to the front or back of your bike. Available in a range of different designs.

On your way....
Sunday morning and the bikes are ready. Together with your partner, you’re all good to head out. You can easily take a bottle, energy bar and towel with you in a Basil luggage carrier bag. Equipped with extra compartments so you can expand your storage options, it’s a must. Available in two different colours, with or without a pre-assembled MIK adapter plate.

Cycling together with your buddy
Keep cosy together with your best buddy on your bike. With the Basil Buddy, it’s easy. Lassie! Bram! Coco! Whatever your best friend is called, the Basil Buddy means you can always go together. A unique dog bike basket made from environmentally-friendly PP plastic, it’s easy to clean, safe and a must for pet owners.

Enjoy the day together on your bike
Brimming with stories, they get on their bikes. Whether it’s been a normal day at school, or they’re bursting with news to tell of their day and all the things they’ve learned. A Stardust bike backpack is filled with new experiences, but packs all the standards like they somewhere to store a drinking bottle and lunch leftovers. The Stardust series consists of a double bicycle bag, bicycle backpack and a matching bell.