Release: Basil Commuter Carrier

Release: Basil Commuter Carrier

Presentation final design of the revolutionary Basil Commuter Carrier

The innovative carrier that will change commuting habits

“Imagine carefree commuting on your e-bike, because you know that your belongings fit perfectly on your bicycle, are carried shockproof, that you are highly visible and your bicycle is Smart (IoT) connected.”

This is what Basil had in mind, when it developed the new innovative carrier together with other international experts in their fields: Spanninga, Tracefy, Massload and MIK. The carrier is developed for the fastest growing global target group: the demanding commuters, who consciously decide to purchase a bicycle for their commute (a design e-bike or speed-pedelec in the mid to very high segment). Basil is convinced that commuters will highly adulate all the unique features during their ride to work & home. Moreover, that they will fall in love with the stylish and modern design of the carrier.

The new Basil Commuter Carrier features countless new innovations among which:

  • A new way of hanging your bicycle bag on your carrier: The Basil Shock Absorbing Tube (BSAT©)
  • adjustable tube creates freedom for your heels
  • suspension reduces forces on your bicycle accessory
  • An integrated high-visibility rearlight by Spanninga: starring the groundbraking Contour Lighting Technology (CLT©), exclusive for MIK
  • The Spanninga mobile MIK-flashlight
  • The fastest growing integrated system for luggage carriers: MIK
  • MIK Smart Box for Tracefy: the option to make your bike “smart” with the Tracefy IoT system
  • Production and quality guaranteed by the top carrier producer Massload

    About these innovations:

    1) Basil Shock Absorbing Tube (BSAT©): adjustable bar creates freedom for your heels
    Many cyclists experience that their heels hit the office bag during their ride. That is mainly due to the horizontal orientation and width of (office) bicycle bags. Thanks to the adjustable tube, every bag can be hung angled, creating space for your feet and heels.

    2) Basil Shock Absorbing Tube (BSAT©): suspension reduces forces on your bicycle-accessory
    Due to bumpy roads your bicycle has to undergo heavy forces. Most of the time, suspension on a bicycle is designed to give the cyclist a more comfortable and less dangerous ride. However, the goods carried on the bicycle are subjected to all forces almost without any limitation. The Basil Shock Absorbing Tube solves this issue: not only is the tube angle-adjustable (to create space for your heel), but also rests in a special shock absorbing (damping) foam, which takes care of reducing the forces on the bar/bag. Thus, the bag and its content will be less damaged, and it will also reduce any noise of rattling of the bag, the movement of the bag, and the impact of the weight of the bag on the carrier and bicycle.

    3) Spanninga integrated rearlight with Contour Lighting Technology (CLT©), exclusive for MIK
    The Spanninga rearlight integrated into the new Basil Commuter Carrier features the CLT© technology, which opened up creative opportunities for its design. Extremely tight and precise, the rearlight strip design enhances the curved lines of

  • the carrier for a unique combination.
  • Brand-new Contour Lighting Technology (CLT©) by Spanninga
  • Inspired by automotive lighting
  • The next step in bicycle lighting technology
  • Enables a previously unattainable level of light diffusion

    4) Spanninga mobile MIK-flashlight
    As an additional option, the Spanninga MIK-flashlight, can complete the remaining commute of the user by feet. The light can be attached onto a Basil bag or clothes to ensure extra visibility and safety for commuters right up to their destination. So even after your ride, the flashlight makes you visible and lightens up your path. As this is an option, you can choose the Spanninga integrated rearlight with or without this additional light.

    5) MIK integrated profiles
    The Basil Commuter carrier is featured with MIK integrated profiles. Thanks to the integrated profiles you can easily click and switch accessories on your luggage carrier. MIK =

  • Fastest growing platform with many stakeholders
  • Open platform thinking: worldwide platform and compatible with many different brands. The largest number of accessories!
  • Convenience: ease of use and easy-to-use system
  • Flexibility: switch between different usages; for each moment a different bicycle accessory

    6) MIK Smart Box by Tracefy
    Connecting e-bikes to it’s owners with GPS serves many purposes. For end users it’s an anti-theft protection, bike-computer and gadget. And for organizations who use E-bikes for operations like delivery and sharing, the GPS can be used for advanced fleet management. Tracefy GPS smart box.

  • Combination of sensors for most reliable location and route tracking (GPS, WiFi, GSM, BLE, internal battery)
  • Easy integration anytime in production process
  • Best spot for GPS reception
  • Tracefy software
  • Advanced fleet management dashboard
  • Data analyses

    More information:

    This carrier is especially designed for commuters and developed thanks to the cooperation of the following brands:
    Basil: Leading player in bicycle accessories
    Spanninga: Experts in bicycle lighting for 100 years
    Tracefy: IoT specialist for micro-mobility
    MIK: MIK + Accessory = GO!
    Massload: the modern and largest producer of alloy carriers

    Spanninga: Experts in bicycle lighting for 100 years As a leading brand in bicycle lighting technology, Spanninga has always developed its precept, “Keep ahead of light”, based on high-tech engineering, technologies, optics, electronics and study of users’ insights. This is how it managed to gain the trust and recognition from clients for a century. In addition to function, Spanninga light models are also of central importance as a design element. More and more integrated onto the design of bicycles, it allows enhancing sophistication to a great extent. Jaap Jongsma,

    Tracefy: IoT specialist for micro-mobility Tracefy is specialized in IoT solutions and fleet management for micro-mobility vehicles like e-bikes, scooters and kick-scooters. The combination of hardware (GPS unit) and software connects vehicles to the internet. Realtime location information provides a great diversity of innovative functionalities and useful data. Use it as theft protection, to plan service or bill rentals based on actual. Jeroen van Kester,

    Basil: Leading player in bicycle accessories Since its launch in 1976, the dutch company Basil has become a worldplayer in the bicycle accessories market. Basil designs is own systems, bags, baskets, crates, and other bicycle-accessories which all connect to Basil’s payoff: “Spread the cycling joy”. The products are known for their functionality, modern styling and fulfilling the conscious and unconscious consumers needs. With the introduction of the Basil Commuter Carrier, the company proves that once more. Available in more than 45 countries. Marthijn van Balveren,

    MIK: MIK + Accessory = GO! MIK is a young brand (2017) which stands for Mounting Is Key. MIK is a system to click accessories simple, secured and fast on your luggagecarrier. Luggagecarriers with MIK enable consumers to choose out of the biggest range of accessories from multiple brands. “With MIK I can choose whatever I want, every day and just GO!”. MIK was founded by Basil, in co-creation with Massload Marthijn van Balveren,

    Massload: Manufacturer of High-end Bicycle Carriers
    Massload is a manufacturer with over 30 years experience. We have a very strong team of product designers and in-house toolmakers that work closely with customers. Massload has a strong culture of innovation and has developed many products over the years with creative features. Our technically advanced automated production line is second to none. Massload can manufacture ODM or OEM designs. Edson Chung,