Basil MIK click system for your luggage carrier
Basil MIK click system for your luggage carrier


Wicked Wednesday. Happy Friday. Sporty Monday.

The MIK click system is revolutionary for your bike luggage carrier. Thanks to the MIK rack system you can click any compatible bicycle accessory onto your luggage carrier. On your retro city bike or sporty e-bike. In 1 second. Works with accessories of all kinds of brands and bike luggage rack models. Click – that’s MIK!

Using your basket for groceries? Going shopping with your bicycle bag? Use the flexible MIK mounting system and click it onto your bike!

MIK is for anything you want to keep secure.

MIK is about you. And whatever you need right now.

Pleased to MIK you!


Compatible bicycle accessories will either come with a pre-mounted MIK Adapter Plate, or you can purchase the Basil carrier adapter separately. Then, you can simply click the accessory onto your luggage carrier with its MIK extrusion profiles. The result is an exceptionally stable system for transporting your stuff with a super-fast procedure for swapping accessories. Click – that’s MIK!

No luggage carrier with the right MIK extrusion profiles? No problem. With the MIK Carrier Plate you can convert your regular luggage carrier (100 up to 170 width) to fit the MIK adapter plate + accessory of choice.

MIK Product Adapter Plate

Adapterplate, compatible with removable bicycle accessories, suitable for luggage carrier racks for MIK system or MIK carrier plate, perfect for e-bikes, black, art. nr. 70171.

MIK Carrier Adapter Plate

Interfaceplate for luggage carrier rack, compatible with luggage carriers from 100 up to 170 mm, compatible with bicycle accessories equipped with MIK Adapterplate (70171), perfect for e-bikes, black, art. nr. 70170.