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The Magnolia collection is full of joy!

Beautifully decorated with flowers, these bags put a smile on everyone’s face. And when you take a closer look, you’ll notice that we also have put a lot of love in the details.

Flowers make my day! Basil Magnolia

Nice and curvy. Romantic. Opulent. The Basil Magnolia collection makes you feel like a real woman. Pastel powders or poppy red is for every type of woman. Whether you are modest or exuberant. Whether you want to cycle in the rain or not. The collection consists of a shopper, a double bag, a carry all bag and a city bag. Choose a bouquet of flowers in the colors: poppy red, teal blue, pastel powders and blackberry.

✔ 100% waterproof

✔ with the Carry all bag you get a rain cover (also 100% waterproof)

✔ perfect for an e-bike

100% Waterproof

With the Magnolia bags, Basil has launched a unique bag series. The bags are designed to keep your valuables dry, even during a downpour. With this, Basil proves that 100% waterproof and fashion do go together! The waterproof Magnolia bags can be recognized by their special hang tag (drop).

E-bike perfect

The Magnolia bags are made to match perfectly with most brands of e-bikes. That makes them e-bike perfect! For example, the bags are waterproof or have a waterproof rain cover (Magnolia carry all bag), so you can transport your valuables dry. In addition, the bags have a compact shape and are easy to attach. You can recognize these products by the e-bike perfect hang tag (plug).

Just three words that define the Basil Magnolia bags:

style, style and style.

With these stylish subdued powder colors the bags are suitable for any occasion, business or pleasure!

Magnolia Collection