Since 1976 Basil has been striving to help you enjoy your bike even more, through self-developed bicycle baskets and bicycle bags. With a complete collection of bicycle baskets, bags and accessories to suit your personal needs and style, Basil now makes more people happy.

• Thoughtful design
• Fashionable design
• High quality
• Since 1976

Bicycle Bags & Bicycle Baskets from the Netherlands

Basil in Ulft is the place to be for beautiful bicycle baskets from the Netherlands. Basil has been around since the 1970s and is the result of Van Balveren (the founder) and Silvolde (the original location). The company focuses on designing all kinds of models of bicycle baskets, which are today sold across the globe. The market focus is on the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Besides its traditional bicycle basket offering, Basil has also introduced a large number of bicycle bags and bicycle baskets for dogs to the market. Key characteristics of Basil’s panniers are the alluring price-quality ratio and diversity in design. Whether you’re on the lookout for a double bike basket or bicycle bag with an eye-catching print, shopping for the perfect bag for the office or an ideal accessory for school, Basil has it all.

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Basil products sold via our website are delivered by BikeChain Group Pty Ltd, part of the BikeSportz Imports Pty Ltd family (official Australian Basil distributor). BikeChain is a marketplace delivering premium cycling apparel, parts, accessories and nutrition.

BikeChain’s mission is to support the growth and success of all cyclists, and the broader cycling community. Through Basil Australia and BikeChain, you can receive all the benefits and convenience of shopping online, with your purchase supporting a local Australian retailer and contributing to the prosperity of our retailer community.