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Basil Bloom-Field Shopper Bag

Introducing the Basil Bloom-Field range of rear, pannier and handlebar bags. Made from recycled PET bottles and featuring beautiful seemingly hand-painted floral designs, the Bloom-Field bike bag is perfect for riders who want to make a stylish statement without compromising on sustainability.

The Basil Bloom-Field series is sustainable

The Basil Bloom-Field bike bag range was crafted with sustainability in mind. Every item in the collection is made from upcycled PET plastic bottles, meaning you can enjoy a fashionable accessory without contributing to landfill waste or increased emissions into the atmosphere.

Form meets function with the Basil Bloom-Field shopper bag

The bright floral prints that decorate each bag provide a splash of colour and personality, making them ideal for cyclists who want to be seen.

Basil bike bags are designed to be waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting wet during inclement weather conditions.

We pride ourselves on selecting only the highest quality fabrics and components to deliver durability and longevity. The intricate stitching ensures that each item can withstand daily wear and tear while still maintaining that eye-catching look.

Three ways to attach the bag to your bicycle

Keen to see this bicycle bag attach to the bike in three different ways?

1- As a colourful alternative to a bicycle basket on the handlebars

2- The Bloom-Field pannier slots onto the side of the bike

3- Positioned behind the rider on the rear carrier

Whatever your preference, the Bloom-Field range is designed for everyone's lifestyle needs – whether you're a fashionista, fitness buff or eco-warrior. With its perfect blend of style and substance, this is one cycling bag you won't want to miss out on!

It’s like carrying a little bit of sunshine. The Basil Bloom-Field handbag is bright, bold, durable & fully waterproof. Available in Honey Yellow and Sky Blue, it makes every day a blooming good day.

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