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Introducing the Basil Ever-Green series - stylish and sustainable bags for the modern cyclist. Featuring hand painted botanic prints designed by artist Meggy Lemmens, these cycling bags are crafted from eco-friendly materials, including a cotton feel polyester fabric and vegan leather details. The fabric is made from 40% recycled PET bottles, giving it a lightweight yet durable design that is sure to last for many years.

Whether you're tackling city streets or taking longer journeys off road, you can trust the Basil Ever-Green series to provide complete protection for all your belongings. The exterior pockets are water repellent and lined with soft mesh material so you can store your wet items safely without worrying about them getting damaged or leaking into your main storage compartment. You'll also find an internal pocket for storing small valuables like keys or cards, as well as two side compartments for storing snacks or drinks while you're out and about.

For those looking to upgrade their cycling gear in style while reducing their environmental footprint, look no further than Basil's new Ever-Green series! With its stylish designs and eco-friendly materials, this range of bags is perfect for cyclists who care about their impact on the environment as much as they do fashion.