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Buddy Dog Carrier For Bike With MIK

Available colours: FADED DENIM

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Cosy together with your dog on your bike

The Basil Buddy Dog Bike Basket is a durable bike dog carrier designed to transport your favourite four-legged friend from A to B while you’re out riding. The pet bike basket is made from hard-wearing plastic and is suitable for attachment to the rear of your bike.

The Basil Buddy Dog Bike Basket comes in a fresh, fantastic faded denim finish, making it an attractive choice for pet owners.

Generous dimensions of 45 x 33 x 22 cm make this bicycle dog carrier (which is also suitable as a cat bike basket) an ideal choice for pets,providing plenty of space for them while you ride.

Bike baskets for dogs so you can always travel with your pooch

The Basil Buddy bike pet carrier is just the ticket for keeping you and your fur friend together all the time. Browse more essentials so you can enjoy pet-friendly rides in the future with our first-rate selection online at Basil.

Does your buddy fit in our Buddy bike basket for dogs?

Buddy is a bike cat carrier, too!

Dogs are all well and good, but what if you’re a cat person? Then we have some good news! The Buddy bike basket also makes it easy to take your cat along with you as well. Whatever the reason for your journey, be it a trip to the veterinarian or something else, the Buddy takes the stress out of getting from A to B. The dome of the Buddy is easy to attach to the basket from above. Convenient for everyone, ensuring no scratches if you’re dealing with a stressed-out cat.

Please note, although the dome is sufficiently designed for most adult-sized cats, it’s not advised you use this basket and dome to transport kittens. What’s more, if you’re looking at a journey where travelling by car isn’t practical, the Buddy cat and dog bicycle basket makes an ideal alternative. Simply click the Buddy onto your carrier (with the handy MIK system) and you’re away. You’ll have no trouble making it to the vet on time, or no complaints if you’re planning a trip to the market via the fish stall for some cat-friendly feasts.

What makes Buddy the ideal dog bike basket in Australia?


✔ Cycling together is much more enjoyable than cycling solo.

✔ The basket comes with a free strap. Click the strap onto your dog’s collar and there’s no chance of them jumping free from the basket. Safety first!

✔ The basket is also equipped with a free, easy-to-clean pillow. Nice and comfortable for your four-legged friend.

✔ The MIK system makes it easy to attach your dog basket to your carrier. It’s just as simple to click the basket on the back of your bike. While cycling, you can rest assured the basket is held firmly in place.

✔ The basket is made of PP plastic and therefore, very easy to clean.

✔ Moreover, the material is not toxic to your animals. If your dog is the kind to gnaw on his surroundings, there’s no need to fret as this basket and its plastic contain nothing harmful.

✔ Your dog can enjoy an uninterrupted view of their surroundings as you cycle.

Easy to attach your bike dog basket to your carrier

The basket features an adjustable bracket that simply attaches to your luggage carrier, with a design that is compatible with most bike frame styles, including electric bikes. This basket comes complete with the MIK system, so it will attach easily to most luggage racks.

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With Basil Buddy You will Get

  • MIK Carrier plate

  • Cushion

  • Keep in place reflective cords

  • MIK Adapter plate

  • Belt

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Space Frame (Sold Seperately)

The Basil Buddy Space Frame is a handy wire dome made from durable steel that fits easily with the Basil Buddy Dog baskets for bikes.

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