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Introducing the Miles Tarpaulin Collection! Whether you're a casual cyclist or an experienced adventurer, these bags are perfect for your riding needs. Crafted to be 100% waterproof and rugged-wear ready, these bags can stand up to anything you throw at them. The collection includes four different sizes of bags: a daypack, a double pannier bag, a trunk bag, and an XL trunk bag.

So, no matter what type of cycling you're looking to do—whether it's short trail rides or long-distance adventures—the Mile Tarpaulin Collection has everything you need when it comes to carrying all your supplies safely and securely along the way. All four bags come with Tarpaulin water-resistant protection as well as rugged-wear ready materials that are built to last no matter where life takes you next!

Miles Tarpaulin Backpack

Miles Tarpaulin Double Pannier Bag

Miles Tarpaulin Trunkbag

Miles Tarpaulin XL Trunk Bag