Basil's 2021 collection emphasizes sustainability and style

Basil's 2021 collection emphasizes sustainability and style

Basil expands cycling joy. Cycling is always an eco-friendly choice and cyclists can expand their positive impact on the environment beyond pedal power with Basil’s new collection of bicycle baskets, bags, and accessories. Basil has added the Choose Green line to its already successful lines of 100% waterproof bags, the innovative MIK easy on-off mounting system, and Nordlicht Technology.

Basil’s commitment to sustainability started in the 2012 with the Basil Urban Unfold bicycle bags made from recycled canvas, which launched the [re]-Cycling label. Basil’s commitment has only grown. Today, Basil’s headquarters are solar powered and produce more energy than they use. Their successful Basil Skane rainwear series bears the BlueSign label, certifying the reduced social and environmental impact of the production process.

Basil’s New Choose Green Label

Cycling is a green choice. Extend your impact with Basil’s line of eco-friendly products. Basil reduce their environmental impact so you can cycle with an easy mind. Products that receive the Choose Green label use eco-friendly materials and are constructed to meet Basil’s high quality standards. This year, the Basil Ever-Green series of backpacks and bicycle double bags, the Basil Green-Life bicycle baskets, and Basil Pasja dog bicycle baskets will receive the Choose Green label.

City Life Companion: Basil SoHo Series

The city calls for work and adventure. Basil introduces the Basil SoHo backpack and bicycle double bag to go with you from office to after hours with ease. Inspired by the Basil Mosse rain clothing, the Basil Soho bags are made from a soft feel PU with a soft shell coating. They feature taped seams and roll top closure for waterproofing. Hidden in a padded zipper pocket on the back of the backpack is Basil’s Hook On system for mounting your backpack on the luggage carrier. Both the backpack and bicycle double bag feature Nordlicht Technology LED lighting for more visibility. The bags are ideal for e-bikes. The backpack also comes with a removable organizer. Whether you’re carrying your laptop and chargers or yoga mat and water bottle, Basil SoHo is ready when you are.

Next Generation Bicycle Basket: Basil Cento Tech Fiber

You’re looking for the bicycle basket you can take to brunch and the boutique. Your standards are high when it comes to both design and construction. Just for you, Basil is proud to introduce the new Basil Cento Tech Fiber bicycle basket, the result of a nearly decade-long search for the perfect combination of material, technique, and design. It incorporates sleek design with let-me-feel-that appeal from its high-tech woven fabric to its blended cork and rubber handle. Made using a patent pending construction technique, this basket sets a new standard for bicycle baskets. While Basil is incredibly proud of the design innovation this basket represents, users will love using a thoughtfully designed basket that’s available with two mounting options. You can choose between the easy to take on and off MIK system or permanent mount WSL system. This 21 L basket includes a belt with buckle to secure your belongings. The Basil Cento Tech Fiber MIK incorporates the exclusive Nordlicht Technology LED lights and is perfect for e-bikes so you can take it on the road with you anywhere, any time.

Basil B-Safe backpack and office bag

Basil is extending the options for professional commuters with the e-bike ready Basil B-Safe office bag and the Basil B-Safe backpack in a new smaller size. Basil B-Safe series bags feature anti-theft design, a functional layout, and padded back and shoulder straps. They are easy to mount on your bicycle thanks to the Hook-on system hidden in a zipper pocket on the back that fits most bicycle luggage carriers. The series features Nordlicht Technology LED lights, integrated USB cable for a portable power bank, and loops for attaching your helmet. The Basil B-Safe laptop bag includes two additional bags for an extra set of clothes. One is waterproof because rain happens on its own schedule. The Basil B-Safe series bags all include a rain cover in its own pocket. You and your belongings will be ready for work when you arrive.

Basil Ever-Green Series

TWhen Basil owner Marthijn van Balveren saw Meggy Lemmens beautiful botanic paintings, he knew he wanted to showcase this talented Dutch artist’s work. The opportunity came with the introduction of the Basil Ever-Green series, featuring a 14-19 liter backpack and 28-32 liter double bicycle bag with a cotton feel polyester fabric made from 40% recycled PET plastic. The Basil Ever-Green series will feature the Choose Green label thanks to its eco-friendly materials, which include vegan leather details and antique brass finishes. This is a must-have series that makes no sacrifices when it comes to functionality. The backpack straps extend for shoulder carry and it features the Basil Hook-On system under a hidden flap. Whether you’re running errands, meeting with friends, or popping over to the shop, the Basil Ever-Green bags are a statement choice.

Basil Green Life rattan bicycle basket

Since introducing the successful rattan bicycle baskets on the market, Basil has continued to innovate in sustainable design and production. The new Basil Green Life rattan bicycle basket is environmentally friendly from the use of fast-growing rattan through production in an Indonesian factory that builds community through employment right down to the smallest detail, a Basil label made of recycled PET plastic. Rattan is beautiful and strong. The Basil Green Life baskets feature 100% natural rattan and showcases rattan’s gorgeous natural color. Both the 18-liter medium and 30-liter large baskets can carry any loads of books, groceries, or shopping you may need to move with you. Basil’s Green Life rattan basket will endure for years to come.

Basil Miles Tarpaulin series

The Basil Miles Tarpaulin is a rugged, sporty addition to the popular Basil Miles series. The new pieces in the series are daypacks, double bicycle bags, and trunk bags. All of the bags are made of a matte tarpaulin fabric and have a waterproof interior with a bright orange roll-top closure and taped seams. The daypack features Nordlicht Technology LED lights and removeable backpack straps in addition to the shoulder strap. Your gear will be dry and easy to find no matter how much water and mud you get to cycle through.

Basil City series

Basil’s popular Basil City series has proven to be the perfect bag for outings in and around town. This year, Basil is expanding the series with a double bicycle bag in camel brown, black and grey this year. The Basil City shopper with the hidden Hook-On system will also be available in camel brown. The shopper has a front pocket and closes with a blind magnet closure. Basil City series shoppers and double bicycle bags are the perfect bags for cyclists on the go.

Basil Buddy and Pasja dog baskets

Cycling is more fun with your best friend and the Basil Buddy and Basil Pasja dog baskets make it safe and easy to travel together. The Basil Buddy dog basket is now available as a front carry basket for dogs up to 5 kilograms with a pre-mounted KF adapter plate and including the Basil KF handlebar holder. For a safe cycling trip with your buddy, this basket is only allowed to be used with the Basil KF handlebar holder. The basket Is easy to attach and detach. The classic Basil Pasja, originally introduced in 1980, retains its original design and gets a mounting system upgrade to the MIK system. Both baskets have cushion padded bases so you and your pup can cycle together in comfort and style.