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Essential E-Bike Accessories, by Anna Cramer

With the past year being so anchored to home, we finally see a future filled with new outdoor experiences. As keen travellers we recently bought two folding e-bikes for our outback adventures. We decided on a pair of 20 inch folding e-bikes with 3 inch fat tyres for their compact nature and ability to tackle any terrain. These bikes are also perfect for commuting about town for an eco-friendly grocery run.

But what should I carry my stuff in, and how do I keep my things safe and protected if we run into dodgy weather? What accessories should I add to get the most out of these bikes and where they might take us? Enter basilbags.com.au.

Which Bags and Why?
Basil has an awesome product range, each bag caters to a specific purpose by design, function and look. We chose to go with two Miles Tarpaulin Backpack Black Orange 17L and one Miles Tarpaulin Trunkbag MIK Black Orange 7L, each from the Tarpaulin Range. This way the bags serve as a great product for commuting, daily shopping and when we’re seeking a dose of calming nature. They look cool and sporty (and all match!) They are comfortable and waterproof.

The backpacks have padded backs so we can continue on foot into nature (or the supermarket!) and have ample storage compartments for phones, books, pens, food, drinks, clothes…you name it. The trunkbag can also be worn over-shoulder.

Another great trunk bag option is the Sport Design Trunk Bag With MIK 7-15L. This bag provides more storage via compartments than can be opened with a zipper that increases storage space from 7L to 15L.

How to Attach to My E-Bike
Our E-Bikes came with a rear rack (also known as a carrier or pannier rack).

The bike backpacks attach directly to the rear rack with its hook-on system. It’s simple to mount or dismount, and the attachment is strong and secure.

The trunkbag attaches with a MIK or “Mounting Is Key” system. This system uses a carrier plate and an adaptor plate to hold the bag securely in place. Because my e-bike already has a rear rack, I only need a MIK Carrier Plate to attach to the rear rack. My chosen Miles Tarpaulin Trunkbag MIK Black Orange 7L comes with an inbuilt MIK adaptor plate. This allows me to click the trunkbag into the MIK Carrier Plate for commuting, and easily click it out again when I’ve arrived. It’s that easy.

Want to see the whole shebang on video?

Extra tips on the MIK system
Do not fret if you don’t have a rear rack attached to your bike as I do, Basil offers a Universal Cargo Carrier With MIK. As the name suggests, this comes with an inbuilt MIK Carrier Plate so you don’t need to buy this as I did.

Whilst I decided on the Miles Tarpaulin Trunkbag MIK Black Orange 7L with an inbuilt MIK adaptor plate, the trunkbag also comes in a version without the inbuilt MIK adaptor plate. (the Miles Tarpaulin Bicycle Trunkbag Black Orange 7L).In this case you will need to buy the MIK adaptor plate separately, or mount it semi-permanently with the securing straps provided.

Where to Now?
I can fit three bags on the back of my bike, or distribute them between bikes. Each provides an even ride. I have enough room in the bags to undertake a daily or bi-weekly shopping trip, get some fresh air and exercise, or tackle a longer ride knowing I have everything with me that I need.