Summer holiday 2020: slow travelling gets a boost from Corona

Summer holiday 2020: slow travelling gets a boost from Corona

Discover your holiday environment by bike: Basil gives you 6 tips

Now that countries around the world have taken measures as a result of the coronavirus, the question arises: what do we do with our holidays in 2020? Streamlined tourism policy within the EU is a long time coming. Wherever holidays will be celebrated, it will be done in a different way. In many countries tourist attractions, museums and restaurants are only open to half capacity and you need to make a booking in advance. Visiting three well-known highlights in one day by car, having a nice lunch, visiting a museum and then eating out, suddenly requires a lot of preparation and reservations. That’s more like work than a relaxing holiday...

The solution is “slow travelling”, as those who travel slowly see more. This is where a bike fits in perfectly. Travel by bike to a village or a place of interest. The ride there is already a wonderful start to your relaxing holiday. Basil will give you tips on how to combine the pleasurable with the functional with bicycles and bicycle accessories.

Slow Travel: already hip before Corona
Slow Travel is nothing more than taking your time for everything you do on holiday. Don’t try to see all the tourist highlights in a 100km radius, but instead take the time to get to know the surrounding area and its inhabitants. This way of holidaying was already a trend before Corona, fitting for relaxation and eco-tourism. Because of the global Corona measures, it has become almost impossible to sustain that arduous bucket-list that tourism demands. This gives Slow Travel an extra boost, and that is a good thing.

Cycling on your holiday: more relaxation, more experience, healthy and safe
Corona has changed a lot around the world, also when it comes to transport. It looks as if public transport and aeroplanes are going to be avoided due to the connection with the possible risk of contamination. The car (with or without caravan), the camper van, motorbike or bicycle are the alternatives. Whichever destination you choose, and whichever way you go, at least take your bike with you or rent some nice ones on the spot. By bike, you will discover beautiful, hidden places where cars are not allowed to go and you will get in touch with the locals faster. You will experience the ride to your destination much more intensively, you will hear birds chirp and that stream murmuring while you will smell the wonderful smell of freshly cut grass. The smell of freshly baked bread straight from the oven will invite you to stop at the local bakery.

Fortunately, many cities within (and outside) Europe has made extra space for cyclists and pedestrians. Thanks to this extra space, you can safely cycle on roads that were not suitable for that at first. The positive side effect of cycling is that it is good for your health. Whether you cycle on an e-bike or a regular bike, your life expectancy increases if you cycle regularly.

holidays Holidays in your own country
“What comes from far is good”, goes the Dutch proverb. But you don’t have to go on holiday to distant new places to enjoy yourself. There are also nice holiday destinations in your own country and some travel agencies specialise in cycling packages. If you are a tourist in your own country, you will discover new places in your own surroundings. For example, just take a different route than you are used to. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful places in nature and nice shops in your own city or country. If you’re going on a road trip, take your basics with you in your handy Basil’s pannier or basket. It’s very handy and everything is available on the road.

holidays Tip 1: What do we take with us on the road?
Going out alone or together. Are you ready? A checklist of things that are handy to have with you in your Basil’s bike bag or basket:

  • a bottle or drinking bottle
  • an energy bar or delicious fresh fruit
  • lunch
  • disinfection gel and paper wipes
  • mask
  • towel
  • your phone
  • your house keys
  • a bicycle pump and tyre repair kit
  • a bicycle map or GPS for the most beautiful routes
  • small toolkit
  • money
  • cap/headgear
  • rainwear (for that unexpected shower)
  • suntan lotion
  • sunglasses
  • lip balm

  • holidays Tip 2: High emergency on the way?
    Due to the Corona measures, the number of accessible toilets is more limited. In addition, in a new environment, you don’t know where to go when the need is high. With the international app “Flush” you will find the nearest open toilet. It is easy and pleasant to use this app.

    Tip 3: Fun and handy: reading about your destination
    Now that many places of interest or hotspots have to be booked, it’s smart to read about your holiday surroundings beforehand. This way you will avoid being denied access and your preparation will put you in the holiday mood. Lovely fun to look forward to. You can find great places and tips on Social Media. But of course, also on the websites of the local tourist offices, the cyclists’ association, and the travel agencies where you will find beautiful destinations in your own country. Also check the weather, via the well-known weather apps. And don’t let the rain stop you: Basil’s rainwear and waterproof bags will make sure you and your belongings stay dry.

    Tip 4: What do I have on my bike? Basil Discovery 365. The road is yours.
    To enjoy your bike ride to the fullest, you want to transport your belongings easily and sportily. Your panniers are packed with the day’s equipment. Basil Discovery bags are your perfect travel companions. The series consists of a single bag (9 litres) and a double bag (18 litres). Compact and lightweight. Equipped with functional details such as elastic side pockets and a carabiner for a drinking bottle, for example. With the Discovery you can go out 365 days a year, even when it rains. Thanks to the rain cover, not a drop of rain will get into your stuff. The road is yours. Nature calls you... to the beach, the woods and the banks of the river. Recommended retail price from €39.99.

    Tip 5: Cycling together with your buddy
    As Basil Buddy is equipped with the handy MIK mounting system, you can bring your best buddy along on the trip. Lassie, Bram, Coco or whatever your best friend’s name is, with Basil Buddy you can go anywhere together. A unique dog bike basket made of environmentally friendly PP plastic, equipped with a washable cushion, a fastening strap, a sturdy handle, and an optional wire basket. Nice and easy to clean, safe and dog-loving. Recommended retail price €99,99.

    Tip 6: Stay dry with Basil cycling rainwear
    In many countries, summer is not just sunshine every day. In the mountains, for example, it can rain quite unexpectedly. In the Low Countries, we are used to rainy surprises frequently. But that doesn’t stop you from grabbing your bike and going on nice bike rides, because the beautiful Basil cycling rainwear keeps you comfortably dry. Take, for example, the Basil Skane series. The T-Fabric 10,000 WP/10,000 MVP is two-way stretch, lightweight, and carries the independent label of Bluesign and is therefore proven eco-friendly. The adjustable hood is unique as it also allows you to wear a helmet under the hood (or a bulky hairstyle). There is a women’s and men’s jacket designed in a close-fitting style so that even at high speeds, the clothing will fit. Thanks to the 2-way stretch, the rainwear will fit comfortably. Recommended retail price from €79,99.