Improve your body's resistance by cycling regularly

Improve your body's resistance by cycling regularly

5 Reasons why cycling is good for you during the coronavirus pandemic

Now that everyone is doing their best to stick to “social distancing”, another important aspect is often forgotten: adequate exercise. Because adequate exercise improves your body’s immune system and thus protects you better against corona. But now that the gyms are closed and outdoor sports in groups are no longer possible, many people must “switch gears”: how do I get enough exercise? The answer is surprisingly simple: go cycling! Cycling protects you against the coronavirus in many ways. Here are five reasons to show you why, plus a smart tip for retailers and caterers. *

1. Strengthening your immune system
Cycling has a positive effect on the health of almost all people. During cycling, your airways are well ventilated and the blood supply is better, according to the German virologist Michael Barczok in the German magazine, Der Spiegel: “The deeper breathing helps to cleanse the lungs better. That is optimal when it comes to virus protection. ”** Moreover, you inhale more oxygen in the outdoors. And that's healthy; for your memory, your skin and your lungs. Your body also builds more vitamin D, which contributes to your body’s immune system, improves your mood and sleeping. Besides, cycling reduces blood pressure and is good for diabetics.

2. Part of daily Exercise
The bicycle is always a good means of transport, even more so during the period of the coronavirus. Now that the gyms are closed and many people work from home, it is difficult to get your daily dose of exercise. RIVM *** advises in this regard: “Do 150 minutes a week of moderately intense exercises, such as walking and cycling, spread over several days.” Grab your daily much-needed exercise, go cycling!

3. Protect yourself and others: cycling as an alternative to public transport
Cycling not only keeps you at a distance from others but also reduces the risk of contamination by the touching of surfaces. Think of travelling on public transport. The virus can survive on surfaces for a longer period than in the air and can still be contagious. " Touching anything in public, is, therefore, a fundamental risk," said Barczok. By cycling instead of taking public transport, you avoid many risks for yourself and others.

4. You automatically keep your distance
According to Gerd Antes, the bicycle is the “perfect form of self-protection”. You quickly keep your distance from others on your bicycle. The chance that you breathe in the micro-drops that transmit the virus while cycling is virtually “zero”. According to RIVM, venturing outside is no problem, provided you follow the guidelines that have been drawn up.

5. Cycling makes you happier
Now, with many people stressed out from everything that this virus pandemic entails, relaxation is very important. Perhaps the last tip is, therefore, the most important (and most fun): by cycling outdoors, you allow your body and your mind to relax. And the best part is this: the happiness hormones, endorphins, are released during cycling. You will be happier when cycling. So, grab that bike and make a nice trip every day.

Business cycling: delivery

The reasons why cycling is healthy and fun are all clear. From a business perspective, using a bicycle can be helpful: are you a retailer or do you have a restaurant and are you switching more to home deliveries? Then the bicycle is ideal. But how do you easily turn your standard bicycle into a delivery bicycle? With the MIK system and a matching Basil accessory, such as the Basil Bicycle Crate. The MIK system ensures that you can quickly and easily click accessories onto your bicycle and quickly take them off again. You only mount a MIK luggage carrier plate (or a Basil front carrier with MIK profiles), and then you click the accessory of your choice on it. Fill the crate and peddle away with the delivery!